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At Progressive Edge, we’re all about finding amazing talent for companies across South Africa and beyond. We’ve got the experience to recruit top-notch South Africans for South African, European and USA-based companies, whether they’re staying right here or embarking on an international adventure. Plus, we have quite a bit of experience helping international organizations expand their SA hubs when setting up shop in South Africa, taking advantage of cost savings and a talented local workforce.

We’re not just limited to permanent placements either – we’ve got contracting services and payroll management covered too.

Whether you’re in need of a premium executive search service, focused engaged search or contingency-based recruitment, we would love to meet with you for an exploratory chat to see if we are a fit for each other.

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Contingency based recruitment services

We offer Tech specialist recruitment services that are tailored to companies seeking a high-quality and collaborative partnership.  We believe that successful recruitment requires a deep understanding of your organization’s values, culture, and specific talent requirements. 

We have chosen to focus on working with companies who share our values and who are committed to partnering with us in a mutually beneficial and respectful manner. By prioritizing quality over quantity, we ensure that every engagement is a true partnership built on trust and shared goals.

Whether you are a Software Development house, a Technology product or SaaS company, or a company with fairly regular Tech and Data talent needs, we understand your needs.

Partner with a seasoned team, to execute a deep search at the same cost as a standard agency-style contingency search.

Engaged Search Services

Our engaged search service is the ideal solution for companies who want the best talent, and understand that it takes an intentional commited process to find it.  Finding the best fit happens with a deep search, with good coverage.  This service is for those who value doing it right the first time, and who want a professional, committed team focused fully on their opening/(s). Our team has the ability to identify and secure the best candidates, executing complex searches with a strong commitment to quality.  

This service involves paying a small portion of the estimated fee upfront to engage the search.  This ensures our clients goals are aligned with ours, allowing us to invest the necessary time and resources into a comprehensive, high-quality search with a mulitfaceted approach.   The overall cost of a deep search with longer focus costs the same as a contingency search, of which the level of focus is not comparible.  Partnering with committed clients allows us to work the way we want to work – doing our very best, without increasing the cost.

Engage a seasoned team to execute on multiple search strategies to get better coverage of each position, ensuring the talent pool you hire from is the best available to you.  This will ultimately improve the talent density of your business.

Executive Recruitment Search Premium Service

Need more than just every day recruitment for your high level roles?

Executive Search Premium Service

Our Executive Search service is designed to meet the specific needs of organizations looking to fill senior-level and executive positions with exceptional candidates. We understand the importance of these roles and prioritize confidentiality throughout the process.

With extensive research, industry insights, and a thorough 12 week process, we identify individuals who possess the necessary skills, expertise, and leadership qualities that align with your organization’s requirements and culture. By entrusting us with your executive search needs, you can expect the highest level of professionalism, dedication, and confidentiality.

Our goal is to successfully place top-tier executives who will contribute to the growth and success of your organization. If you have a need for a senior manager, VP, MD, or C-Level leader, we invite you to schedule a chat with us to discuss your requirements and explore how we can assist you.

Looking for your next big thing?

Candidates - Looking for work

We specialize in connecting experienced professionals within the Tech industry to exciting career opportunities that align with their expertise. Our focus is on mid-level to executive-level roles, and we are passionate about helping individuals advance their careers in this niche.

While we are a small team and unable to schedule individual meetings with every candidate, reaching out to us and indicating your interest often leads to further discussions, as we may have suitable opportunities within our client network. We highly value every interaction and are committed to supporting candidates in their career advancement.

To explore potential opportunities, you can visit our available jobs page and follow us on LinkedIn for regular updates. Feel free to use the link below to message us with your CV, LinkedIn profile, and the type of positions and locations you are interested in, so we can stay informed and alert you to relevant opportunities.

Candidates - Looking for work in the tech industry

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