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We are creating dynamic tech ecosystems one placement at a time, in SA and abroad. We go beyond traditional sourcing, deploying innovative strategies, and nurturing relationships.
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Our commitment to excellence is not merely about delivering a high-quality process – it’s about building lasting partnerships that thrive on mutual dedication and high standards.

Yes, we ask more of our clients and candidates than your average recruitment team, but rest assured, we reciprocate with equal intensity. Our ideal partners are those who embody and appreciate excellence, who are on a journey of continuous improvement, and who value the power of genuine connections. If you’re in pursuit of just any job or resource, we may not be your perfect match. But if you’re seeking a partner who cares about quality and meaningful relationships, you’re in the right place.

How we can help you

At Progressive Edge, we offer a comprehensive suite of talent acquisition and recruitment services. Our expertise lies primarily within the technology sector where we excel at identifying, attracting, and connecting exceptional talent with dynamic, forward-thinking organizations.

You do Tech - We do Relationships

Why us?

The benefit of healthy talent partnerships

We’re more than just a team of talent specialists – we’re a collective of tech enthusiasts, relationship builders, and problem solvers, dedicated to transforming the tech talent landscape. Our journey, values, and commitment to excellence set us apart in this dynamic industry. We’re excited to share our story, and a bit about ourselves with you.

The benefit of healthy talent partnerships