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Getting to know Progressive Edge

Our commitment to quality and competency defines us

Our team, each member boasting a decade or more of industry experience, comprises specialists rather than generalists, diligently serving technology and software companies, as well as organizations with a significant technology focus or expansive tech teams.

We are a fully remote, distributed team with staff in Cape Town, Johannesburg and the Philippines.

we stand proud as a team

Our growth story

A Reciprocal Journey

Our growth has been as organic as it gets. Ironically, while we were employed to help build our clients’ businesses and teams, it was they who grew and shaped ours. Their trust in us brought us repeated business and turned them into our biggest advocates. This relationship of mutual growth and shared success is why we do what we do, rooted in respect, dedication, and co-creation.

Today, we stand proud as a team built on endorsements and sustained by enduring partnerships.

Who we are

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Who we work best with

At Progressive Edge, our approach to recruitment is one of partnership and mutual investment. Our best relationships are formed with those who share our commitment to quality, energy, and proactive collaboration. We believe in the power of synergy and seek to partner with individuals and organizations on an upward trajectory, just like us.

For our clients:

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For our candidates:

If you’re an individual or a company on a path of growth and improvement, seeking quality and value in your interactions, we may just be the perfect partners for you. We look forward to co-creating successful outcomes and long-lasting partnerships with you.