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Bringing in the best in the Software Product Space

by a team who knows how to find them

The best talent aren’t applying for jobs, nor are they waiting on a portal, hoping to be contacted for their next job.  Our team is hyper-focused on recruiting passive candidates and building networks in your space.  We do this on a daily basis.  We know where these candidates are, what companies they may be working at and how to introduce them to you in a high-quality way.

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Struggling to find the right talent for your product team or business?

Hiring the best people can only happen if the right people are in your talent pool.  To get the right people in your talent pool takes a lot of effort.  You wont fill that talent pool with the best people by running an advert.  Very often the best people aren’t looking for a new job, aren’t applying when you advertise, or might not even have heard of you.  Very often, the right person doesn’t have the right information on their profile and doesn’t come up on a quick keywords search.

we stand proud as a team

Imagine a recruitment partner who not only speaks your language but lives in your world. We understand the intricate details of your domain, the specific technical skills your projects demand, and the unique culture of your type of organisation. Our team does not a wide net; we are laser-focused on your niche, cultivating networks and connections every day with individuals who are leaders in their fields, not just active job candidates.

Discover the difference that working with tech recruitment specialists can make for your team

We deliver a recruitment experience and results that broad-spectrum recruiters simply can’t match

Deep Industry Insight

Our firm’s focus on specific tech sectors gives us a nuanced understanding of these industries. This allows us to better assess candidates fit for your company.

Tailored Recruitment Approach

Tailored Recruitment Approach

We provide personalised recruitment strategies that consider your unique needs.

Access to Exclusive Talent

Access to Exclusive Talent

Through our niche-focused networking and headhunting, we introduce candidates who would not otherwise have found their way to you

Hello, I’m Leigh

the heart and mind behind Progressive Edge Consulting

Leigh Progressive Edge

With many years of experience in the tech recruitment industry, my journey has been driven by my passion for connecting people.  Connecting the right people more often than not has resulted in me being able to build my own business and team, hire my own people, which helps me to truly understand how important the right hires are to your business.

In software product companies, I’ve seen first-hand the transformative impact of matching the right individual with the right team. It’s not just about filling a vacancy with who’s applied for your role. It’s about going out and finding the person who fits your organisation and technical landscape.

What sets us apart is not just our specialised expertise but our approach to tech recruitment. We’re not here to transact; we’re here to build lasting partnerships. Our commitment is to understand your vision, challenges, and goals as deeply as we understand the sectors we serve. This dedication has enabled us to not just meet, but exceed, our clients’ expectations — time and again.

Our Services

At Progressive Edge, we understand that every organisation’s recruitment needs are as unique as the candidates themselves. That’s why we offer a suite of services designed to provide you with the flexibility to choose the approach that best fits your needs while always maintaining our specialised focus within the tech industry.

Contingency based recruitment services

Contingency Recruitment

Perfect for companies looking for flexibility, our contingency recruitment services allow you to benefit from our specialised expertise with no upfront costs. We dive into our niche markets to connect you with candidates who are not just looking for any job but are looking for your job. While this service only offers you a taste of our capabilities, our specialised focus means even our contingency work is more targeted and effective.  We allocate limited time to contingency searches and our engaged recruitment roles take preference when considering our capacity.

Executive Recruitment Search Premium Service

Exclusive & Engaged Recruitment

For those seeking a more dedicated approach, our exclusive and engaged recruitment services offer a deeper partnership. By investing in exclusivity and engagement fees, you gain access to a higher level of service and commitment. This approach allows us to allocate more time and resources to understanding your specific needs, and to hunting a higher calibre of candidates.  Our professionals, being career recruiters prefer this approach as we are able to close off our roles knowing we searched as far as could to draw out the best people for the position we took on.

Candidates - Looking for work in the tech industry

Retainer-Based Work & Executive Search

This is our most comprehensive service, that is aimed at organisations looking to fill senior-level positions or undertake strategic hiring initiatives. Over a 10 -12 week period, we conduct a thorough market-mapping and recruitment process. This meticulous approach involves a detailed analysis of the market and a thorough search process to identify and attract the best talent not just the available talent. The candidates in this process are interviewed in depth and shortlisted again, allowing us to save our clients significant time.

Each of our services is designed with a singular goal in mind: to connect you with the talent that not only meets your technical needs but who will also drive your company forward. Whether you’re exploring a flexible contingency arrangement or seeking a more intensive, focused search, our team is equipped to deliver with the specialized expertise your tech sector demands.

Ready to meet with us and see if we are a fit for your team?

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